Driving Mobility Evolution

MOPLAT thrives on revolutionizing the mobility experience, steering towards innovation and transformative solutions.


Crafting Extraordinary Mobility Experience

We established MOPLAT with a mission to enhance the mobility experience, offering users a more ease, safe, and valuable life that adds excitement to their lives.

In the dynamic landscape of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service, and EV, the industry is rapidly shifting its paradigm. Vehicles are now designated as Software Defined Vehicles (SDV).

Despite this shift, a vehicle remains a fundamental means of transportation. We recognize the importance of advancing mechanical parts and hardware development to meet evolving user needs. Yet, the capability to provide
integrated software solution is equally crucial.

We shape a complete mobility experience with a holistic approach.

We specialize in developing integrated electronic components and providing them to OEMs, empowering vehicles as 'mobility devices' and 'SDVs'. Our vertical
integration in hardware and sofrware development, mechanical design and manufacturing, as well as integrated control software development serves
a strong value to customers.

We elevate EV-life experience.

We create innovative lifestyle tools that leverage electric vehicles as versatile energy sources. Our unique approach empowers users to enhance their lifestyle through our products.

Our business area


Our solution utilizes LEDs in various form factors (display, color, sequence, etc.), enabling intuitive communication with pedestrians and other vehicles on the exterior of the car.



OFCA is a lifestyle product brand that maximizes the mobility experience through a lineup of products that offer a wide range of usability.